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Entry now for February QOTM
« on: February 09, 2018, 09:33:21 PM »
Here we go again!!

Entries are tough going so letís keep an open entry!

You know the rules! Post em up!!
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Re: Entry now for February QOTM
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Had to open a new account since i lost my email password and my.password here. Here is 1 of my LSR bikes:

Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
Frame: 2009 LSR MX
A Arms: LSR +3 LT DC4
Swingarm: LSR 88-89 Length
Steering Stem: LSR +2
Axle: LSR +4
Carrier: LSR
Locknut: LSR
Hubs F|R: Stock
Bars: Pro Taper
Brake/Clutch Lever: Stock
Grips: Pro Taper
Foot Pegs: Tim Farr Pro Pegs
Bumper: AC
Grab Bar: AC
Front Shocks:PEP
Rear Shock: PEP
Brake Lines: Braided
Rotors F|R: Stock
Rims F|R: Douglas with Champion Beadlock
Tires F|R: Maxxis Razr

Plastic: Stock 86 Race Cut
Graphics|Seat Cover: Cascade
Fuel Tank: Stock 86

Engine|Drive System:
Cylinder|Head: ProX 265PV
Bore & Stroke: 68x72
Displacement: 265
Carburetor: 38mm PWK AS
Reeds: Boyesen
Air Filter|Box: Uni/stock 86
Pipe|Silencer: PT Eliminator
Clutch|Plates: Hinson
Gearing F|R: 14/38
CDI|Killswitch: 2000 CR250/Pro Armor
Cooling: Stock Rad
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Re: Entry now for February QOTM
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Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
Frame:96 lsr no link
A Arms: Houser +1
Swingarm: lsr no link
Steering Stem: lsr +1
Axle: rpm xc
Carrier: rpm
Locknut: rpm
Hubs F|R: baldwin/lonestar
Bars:pro taper
Brake/Clutch Lever: pro taper
Grips: odi
Foot Pegs: ims roll
Bumper: ims roll
Grab Bar: f43 drop bar
Front Shocks: axis
Rear Shock: axis
Brake Lines: galfer
Rotors F|R: galfer
Rims F|R: shamrocks
Tires F|R:razr 2 /razr

Plastic:maier quad tech hood
Graphics|Seat Cover: stickers/ fourwerx
Fuel Tank:ims

Engine|Drive System:
Cylinder|Head: led 310
Bore & Stroke: 72 72
Displacement: 310
Carburetor: 38 air stryker
Reeds: vforce
Air Filter|Box: lsr no link
Pipe|Silencer: sparks mx
Clutch|Plates: Hinson
Gearing F|R:13
CDI|Killswitch:cr250 pro armor
Cooling: cbr rad cv4 hose engine ice

Other: roll brake pedal   
Prescion steering stabilizer + bar mounts
xplicit skid plate.
Cr250 ignition

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Re: Entry now for February QOTM
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2018, 07:45:42 PM »
Frame:1989 Stock
 A Arms: JD Performance MGC
 Swingarm: Laeger
 Steering Stem: LSR +2
 Axle: LSR
 Carrier: LSR
 Locknut: Durablue
 Hubs F|R: LSR
 Bars: Fast Flex
 Brake/Clutch Lever: ASV
 Grips: ODI
 Foot Pegs: Alba
 Bumper: Duncan
 Grab Bar: Blingstar
 Front Shocks: Elka Stage 5
 Rear Shock: Elka Stage 5
 Brake Lines: Streamline
 Rotors F|R: Wave
 Rims F|R: Hiper
 Tires F|R: F/ITP Quad Cross R/ITP Turf Tamer

 Plastic: Full Bore Race
 Graphics|Seat Cover: Fourwerx
 Fuel Tank: Stock W/Carbon cover

Engine|Drive System:
 Cylinder|Head: ESR 310/ESR - Neil porting pow to mid
 Displacement: 310cc
 Carburetor: 39mm PWK
 Reeds: ESR W/spacer
 Air Filter|Box: CFM
 Pipe|Silencer: ESR 7 / ESR
 Clutch|Plates: Stock
 Gearing F|R: 13-39
 CDI|Killswitch: 2004 CR ignition/Motion Pro