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  1. Optimisation of Reed Valves Dynamics
  2. Carb Jetting Basics (Duncan Racing)
  3. Smart Carb Manual
  4. KTM temperature and elevation corection chart
  5. Design of a Direct Injection Retrofit Kit for Small Two-Stroke Engines
  6. Lectron tuning instructions
  7. Optimum Intake Runner Calculator
  8. Carburator tuning and theory.
  9. Keihin carb tuning info
  10. Gordon P. Blair - "best Bell" writeup on intake bells
  11. Jetting from the bottom to the Top - Bill Givens
  12. K&N Universal filter sizes
  13. 2 stroke Engine Tuning Guide
  14. reading spark plugs
  15. Carburetor Theory and Tuning