Author Topic: Need polishing with free return shipping? Come check us out here at race reflections  (Read 13630 times)

Race reflections offers free return shipping for the lower 48 states. Need a quote please text me 731-394-0074 pics.

Offline fx4pitrone

These guys did some Quadzilla parts for me a few years back.... sent them some questionable parts and a clutch cover w/ a major gouge in it from the brake pedal... i was amazed at the product they sent back to me!!  Top quality work for sure!!

Offline Pumashine

Welcome to the site. Great prices and great quality. I'm tempted to send out a few clutch covers his way!
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Offline Kyle

Rf did all of my R parts. Everything was show quality! don't hesitate do have them do work

Offline Higgy87trx425

I just sent some parts off to Dave and I can't wait to see the finished product!!!
 Thanks Higgy

Offline kb250r

Me too sent the puma and covers for a shine,spoke to david on the phone an email super nice guy great customer service  cant twait to see there work....
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Online croat1

getting some parts ready to ship.  I'll post the before and after pics


Offline havinnoj

getting some parts ready to ship.  I'll post the before and after pics


He does nice work, do ask about those tight inside corners that require handtools if you want that level of polish.


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