Author Topic: Who has the best Seat Foam  (Read 2680 times)

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Who has the best Seat Foam
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Quote from: Brett;22747
my dad has an 04 scrambler 500 and I love that thing. other than standing a little bow legged on it, its insanely comfy

That's funny.  My dad has an older sportsman 500 same deal.  I keep trying to get him to buy my 11' Grizzly but he won't give up the old tank.  It's a 98 and weighs about 800 pounds maybe 900 with the bumpers and winch.  It rides like a Cadillac on the open trail.

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Who has the best Seat Foam
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I know cascade innovations has a variety of foams. I watched them one year at Dunefest install it shape it and put one of their covers on it. never tried it myself but but their covers are nice and I believe they have different stiffness foams. You could give them a call and pick their brain a little.