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My first ice race Bentley, MI
« on: January 29, 2014, 02:29:14 PM »
I had my first District 14 race on ice last Sunday I went in with low expectations because my motor is tired and in need of a rebuild but I had a lot of fun! After running my second heat and then watching the videos I realized the motor was a lot worse then I thought.. You can hear it rattling and it's just really down on power and wouldn't come out of the corners or pull sixth. I went out for practice two times, each 3 laps and both times I got stuck in a different group then the ones I was gonna be running with so I wasn't really sure where I would stand come race time. So my game plan was to just take it easy first heat and try some different lines because I noticed that everyone was just playing follow the leader and sticking to the inside tires where it was actually pretty bumpy and rough. I was having trouble getting traction and holding my line on the inside because my suspension just wasn't soaking it up. I think it might of hit ten degrees at the warmest part of the day and it was blowing snow so I didn't even bother with working on the setup much we just tried to stay warm. I didn't have much time to prepare myself before the first heat so as always I forgot to put the gopro recording! Dangit! The heats were going to be five laps and I had seven riders in my class. The first time we came up to the line they had the light working so that's how we started. I took off and went into turn one about mid pack which was actually farther up then I wanted to be. I got a little loose in turn one and it bogged down coming out of two so I slipped back to sixth going down the backstretch. I hung right with the pack for a while but the snow dust was so bad you kind of had to keep some distance and I'm glad I did because the next lap I threw it into turn three pretty hard because I knew it wasn't gonna come out and all of the sudden there was two guys sitting sideways in turn four. I couldn't get it slowed up enough to stop in time or make it to the inside of them and I couldn't see what was on the outside of them so I just let it develop and they separated just enough for me to squeak through the middle. I started to get back into the gas and it was bogging and the rider that was behind me flew by so I spent the rest of the laps just trying to run him down but I didn't have enough time. I finished 5th in front of the two guys that spun out. The second heat didn't go as good had a slow start and really just couldn't hang with the pack the quad was bogging a lot more this time out but I feel like with some suspension and a motor under me I won't have any problems putting it up front. Here's the video link Some other things I took away from it was that motorcross boots with thick socks definetly won't cut it.. Gotta find some snowboarding boots before the next one and get that other motor in!

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My first ice race Bentley, MI
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My first ice race Bentley, MI
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Cool, it takes awhile to get good and setup for ice racing, you should make some lowering blocks for the front suspension, it helps allot to get it slung low.
wish you guys were closer because the nephew does not have many bikes racing in the studded oval class, seams everyone is running the road course this year
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My first ice race Bentley, MI
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That looks like a blast!

What did you do as far as studding the rear tires?
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My first ice race Bentley, MI
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I pretty much just followed this pattern
Someone posted it on atvriders a while back and I thought it looked pretty aggressive. I haven't really had anything to compare them too but they hook up really well. It's pretty time consuming I think I used 480 studs per rear tire but it was definetly worth it to take the time and do it right. I'm gonna have a lot of fun if I can get something that will actually spin these things! Lol

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My first ice race Bentley, MI
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Very cool, and cool pics!!
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My first ice race Bentley, MI
« Reply #6 on: February 03, 2014, 10:41:20 PM »
Thanks guys! I almost didn't post anything cause I didn't do very well but I'm glad I did. It's nice to get some good advice and positive reinforcement. Just got my coolhead in for the new motor yesterday! Everything is slowly coming together.


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