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Chat Box - General Use Rules & Guidelines -
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General Use Rules & Guidelines:

1. The Chat Box is for chatting.
2. No technical or thread-worthy questions.  If this happens, an Administrator or Moderator will ask you to start a thread.
3. No serious arguing, harassing, or bullying.
4. Keep profanity to a minimum. But please, no offensive or obscene material.
5. No spamming.
6. No impersonating someone else.
7. Please contact an Administrator or Moderator if you believe someone has violated any one of these rules.

Quote from: spiritaces;24033
The Chat Box is ideally for shooting the crap. All your questions should be made into a thread.

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One of the greatest features of an online forum like this is that all that good technical information remains for anybody to search, find, and add to at a later time.

A general rule of thumb: if it will provide knowledge or benefit someone at a later date then it should be posted in a thread.