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looking for a yfz
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[MENTION=85]pinned250r[/MENTION] Dave had an 05 with the timing advanced so it was similar to the dirtbike engine. It also had full exhaust and intake. That was pretty fast! Faster than B-Dogs 08 for sure.
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looking for a yfz
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If the TORS is disconnected then check the TPS. Also check to make sure they didn't do any wiring themselves that may be causing problems. Check the main harness where it runs over the frame on the left side, sitting on bike, just behind the headlight. This is a known wear spot and wires get shorted to the frame. As for the carb/engine I would do the cam mod, 45 pilot, 165-175 main, 2.5 turns out on the air/fuel screw, NCVQ needle, 35-40 leak jet and adjust the ACC pump cam screw so it just touches the cam with the carb at WOT, must be off the engine to do this and remove the air box lid.

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looking for a yfz
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^^^ this. i have worked on a couple that was doing the exact same thing when the TORS was acting up. you can just bypass that, or it could be your TPS also.
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looking for a yfz
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i found it, last owner broke a plug and just tried to jam it together instead of fixing it. ive already bypassed the tors, got the cam mod done, checked valve clearances. Jetting is at a 45 pilot 178 main and something like a 90 leak jet. air screw is 1.5 turns out air box is gone entirely and she is just hanging out tell my new accelerator pump diaphragm gets here.

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looking for a yfz
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its a 50 leak jet...thats stock. try a 35 or 40 it will work really well for you. I got a stock 04 engine that is a holeshot deamon! LOL