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Production C vs Open C class
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Another problem is the bike guys do not like quad riders on the track. There's a track that allows quads on practice days but it seems mostly local bikers who ride there & I'd probably get chased out.
This is the Riley Ranch track by doubters here in Oregon.
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Production C vs Open C class
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Dumb spell check "spinreel"
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Production C vs Open C class
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There is only 1 track left in my area that doesn't allow quads. The sport of MX has started to die here as the fees are getting too high for anyone so the fight against quads has died as well. 5-6 years ago we had to fight to get our quads on a track they used to get 200 dirt bikes show up at a track day now that track is closed and gone. There is 1 left that won't deal with quads at all. All other tracks are open for anyone basically haha.

It used to be about $20 a class. the licence fees all went up the class fees went up gas is double what it used to be so now for me to hit a practice day it would cost about $60. If I want to race probably more then that and I only get 10 mins to go as hard as I can.

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Production C vs Open C class
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Well I went and rode a private track was awesome. The new suspension is so much better. Rips pretty good for a 300. You guys are right tho. After ripping around the track for a bit I pulled off with rock hard forearms and winded from not breathing properly. Lots of work to do but the good news is the other guys watching me said I'm probably good enough to ride with the B class riders

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Production C vs Open C class
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I know some of these were mentioned already but.....Stay conscious of your death grip on the bars, and make sure you breathe. I was really tense and nervous for by first GNCC even though I did locals before. Once I realized how tense I was and loosened up I started picking off guys in my class one by one.

And I know it sounds funny, but jump rope is one of the best endurance workouts you can possibly do
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Production C vs Open C class
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Reading this was like a flashback in time!! Lasher...How the heck are you?! You and your boy still racing?

Listen to all these crazy cats...they have a few laps under their belts. Seat time, breathe, look ahead, No death grip, position the controls so you aren't searching for them in the turns and jumps...I like to use adjustable levers so they are within easy reach.

Bike setup...race sag, toe, caster, camber. Make sure its all right. There are a lot of videos on youtube and Maultech has a few and I believe GT thunders website had some great info as well.

Need help please ask...we are here to help.

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Production C vs Open C class
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Hey Joe, my son and I are still racing but we have only hit one or two over the last couple years. Money, life changes, blah blah blah. Hopefully we will hit a couple this season. I know we will be at Southwick next month. They have new owners and returning the track to it's former glory. Especially with John Dowd running the bulldozer. :)

As Joe mentioned, bike setup is key. First, make sure you shocks are set up for your quad, weight and skill level. But I can tell a huge difference between having the chassis set up correctly. I follow this setup until the "toe" section.

For setting toe, I use string to align the front wheels with the back wheels. Similar to how they do alignment on your car. I did a write up years ago about how to use jack stands and string. I will have to see if I can find it.

But there is a big difference when you quad is set up correctly and something is off. It all must work as one and one part can throw the whole thing out of balance.

As Joe mentioned...having controls setup correctly for you can make a difference especially with arm pump and feeling comfortable. Make sure you are in "attack" position when setting them up. In other words, do not set up your controls just sitting on quad but rather in the position you will be in on the track.

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Production C vs Open C class
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Found the instructions...will post in suspension section.