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250r billet trans gears
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Kody Schorr from Schorr Motorsports is in the process of making transmission gears.  I figured I'd pass some info along (quotes from his FB post):

billet trans gears are at the gear cutter getting the teeth cut now, hopefully these will be available in just a couple weeks. heat treat is next. i know alot of you have been waiting for this to happen so i figured id post a pic of the latest progress.

Kody Schorr:  i took a brand new set of yukons to get some of the dimensions to start getting these made and let me just say that there are some serious interference issues with surprised more people dont have issues with them. to start off with the dogs and windows are straight cut....thats very hard on shift forks and shift drums, there is also engagement issues with 2 gears that mesh together. all in all they werent bad gears for the money but 1G for them now is too much money

Kody Schorr: right now its 2nd-6th countershaft and 2nd & 6th mainshaft i have about 40 nos 5th gears i'll be selling so if someone with an 86 trans wants these 88-89 style gears they can use them. im going to see how these move. if they go good i'll do the rest of the gears as well

Kody Schorr: 2nd-6th countershaft and 2nd mainshaft is going to be a set $900 for that the other 2 gears are $150 each...... more or less it comes out to $150 per gear

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250r billet trans gears
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250r billet trans gears
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Sounding like a cool deal.
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250r billet trans gears
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And you can purchase directly through site sponsor,  [MENTION=276]ledperformance[/MENTION].  I have one set on order through Arlan.

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250r billet trans gears
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Is he making the sleeve bushings for them as well ??.
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250r billet trans gears
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