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seat and pan differences
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the question has been asked what is the difference between the 86-89 trx 250R oem seats (foam)and pan. 
The one the left is a 88/89 pan.  They have a molded in front seat catch and molded in rear locating pins. the rear seat/fender release bolts on.

The one the right is 86/87.  They have a bolt on front seat catch and a bolt on rear plate that acts as holder for the release lever.  the locating pins are part of the plate. 

now as far as foam thickness.  the 88/89 are ticker than 86/87.

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Re: seat and pan differences
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Nice explanation
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Re: seat and pan differences
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Those look like they were pulled out of there original bag's just for that picture. Very nice!...

Something else to ad is that the 86-87 & 88-89 seat pans & rear plastic cannot interchange without modifying the pan's, fenders or both depending on which combo of parts you have.
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