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Hello started around 1995 with an fl250 odyssey then got an 250r got a trx250r when I was 15 in 98. i wanted a banshee but they told my mom it was too much and the dealership actually wouldn't sell her it but they would sell me the trailblazer but I was done with CVT transmissions I wanted efficiency.  So the performance shop in town sold us a customer's rebuilt 87 trx250r everything  stock but some porting and high compression aviation gas . So as u know every modification I did was a crazy jump in performance  and I was hooked throughout the years I did in order iirc fmf rev pipe, fmf ram valve, bored and modded stock carb to 36.5 I think, then upgraded to 38 air strikeer lrd high rev cdi,  nology coil thing was a high revving beast. Then I think I had a bad water pump and they discovered a crack in the cylinder so rebuilt with different cylinder and it never ran the same. Changed it up a bunch of times and never got good results. I completely rebuilt customized everything  then sold it and just bought it back I'm going to try replacing flywheel harness and cdi and see where that gets me.

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Welcome to Org


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Welcome to the site. Lots of knowledge around here to help you get it figured out. I think some pics are in order
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Welcome to the site. Have you done a leak down test yet? Probably something simple. Good luck!
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Welcome aboard.
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welcome to the best 250r site.


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Welcome to the site! Post up some pics of your R!
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welcome. the fellas here can help you get back to where you want your R to be.