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Rear master cylinder questions
« on: May 28, 2018, 02:45:45 PM »
Since my R is not at my current location I have a couple of questions;
1. Does anyone know the bore (diameter) of the rear master cylinder ? EDIT cylinder is marked 14 and is a nominal 14mm piston (13.957mm)
2. Has anyone tried any of the newer CR or CRF rear master cylinders that have a built in reservoir ?
3. What's the bolt spacing where the master cylinder bolts to the frame ?

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Re: Rear master cylinder questions
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Gene or Josh a little help please...

@JesseA420 made an adapter to use a CRF mater on our 250R's


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Re: Rear master cylinder questions
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A guy on .net made a 3 d printed adapter .he sent me one to try.he did a thread on it with sizes and what’s needed.He designed it to use a late model master with built in Rez..he goes my madmorgan

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Re: Rear master cylinder questions
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OK, so I read all 22 pages here, and 50 pages on .net and have come up with more questions;
While most 450R/CRF/CR master cylinders are using an 11mm or 3/8" piston, they are operating with a single piston caliper.
The 250R uses a 14mm piston, and a dual piston caliper.
No one mentions any incompatibility with the caliper vs. flow needed to apply a dial piston caliper vs. a single piston caliper.
I do not want to increase pedal travel by using a smaller based master cylinder or worse, run out of flow due to piston travel/pressure because of same.....................
Anyone have any answers or input

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Re: Rear master cylinder questions
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The TRX front master cylinder plunger is .050" smaller than the rear & it has to push 4 pistons so you'll be fine with the smaller 3/8" plunger in the dirtbike master cylinder pushing 2 pistons.
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