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We have a really good rock station in Seattle 99.9 and there is a good one in Portland 105.9. since these are the areas I'm mostly in. I can get at least one to tune in
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Yeah i live in a rural area. We have 1 station that is totally classic rock, but thats it.  It's decent but not that much variety. This radio station is from Canada. I live right on top of lake Erie. NY state. I was gonna say if anybody is curious and wants to hear any tunes, i can send them. Hardly any sound degradation even though we send them back and forth from NY to OK.
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Iím from Cleveland, Ohio.  The radio stations suck here.



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i'm 40 minuetes east of boston we get every thing. i was born in 59 1973 was my first year of high school. love classic music of the 70s. and rock of the seventy's. when i was i kid i realized i had the ability to dance so dance music disco was my bag for many yaers.
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It's all good in my opinion. I'm not real keen on gangster rap Other than that i like it all One day this dude told me he was abducted by aliens. He said other than the funky music their alright
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