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MX / D6 Evansville race report
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:19:37 PM »
This past Saturday I had my first race in quite a few years and I have to say it was worth it! Before I get to the report let me back up a few weeks. My local track runs a supercross style series and that started last month and they allowed quads back for the 2018 season. I was pumped and ready to get out there. With anything in life that we enjoy doing it always easy to be mentally prepared but physically, well thatís another story. As we get older the mental part is not an issue but the physical part seems to be harder and harder to not feel like youíve been hit by a truck. Then comes the part where you need to have your machine ready. For years this was never an issue as it was my thing to do over the winter to pass time but I havenít touched the R in years and she let me know it!

   Two weeks ago I was going to pull the R out, throw some gas in it and go racingÖÖÖ.That didnít happen. After taking what seemed forever to get it started it didnít want to run and did not sound healthy. I guess we arenít going racing. After further inspection I found cracks in the frame, leaking head gasket, front caliper seized and a few other odds and ends that have been neglected over the years that I forgot about. At this point I stood there looking at the R saying ďwhy in the hell do we do this?!Ē ďWhat is the fascination with throwing your leg over a 30+ year old machine and beating the crap out of your body one moto at a time!?Ē Iíll answer that in a bit. I was frustrated at first thatís for sure BUT as I started to tear the old girl apart it becomes this wonderful balance between frustration and pure satisfaction. What an amazing, simple, fun piece of machinery that was built so long ago that still turns heads and gathers a crowd when itís in town. Before you know it the old R is back up and running, several hundred dollars later, sheís back! Letís go racingÖ.

   Finally race day is here and Iím ready, mentally but not physically! For some reason I pack the entire garage when we go, I donít know why but for some reason I shouldnít need to bring a spare quad in parts with me but I do. We arrive early to get a decent spot and I have to say the weather is perfect, the dirt is perfect, the track is amazing and you really couldnít ask for anything more. Get unloaded and go sign up. After the $50 AMA card, $20 district card, $45 to race and canít forget the $20 to get in, the ďI donít know why I do this crapĒ starts to pop up again. At the drivers meeting they say we are going to do 6 laps of practice and then start racing right away. Im Like OK 6 laps isnít bad but let me see what the race order is going to be like and find out what race Iíll be in. RACE 1Ö.the first freakin race!?!?! Maybe they didnít get the memo that I need oxygen just to put my boots on. This will really change the way Iím going to practice. With that in mind I put in a few good laps in for practice, make sure I know what a doable jump is and what Iím NOT going to jump. Came back a little tired but all went well. Bike ran great and I even felt pretty good. Letís do this!

   Moto 1: I lined up as I always do, nervous, anxious and everything else in between but Iím ready, I love the start. Something about the gate drop that gets the blood flowing. For me itís this adrenaline rush that is like no other. They did a split gate for us as we had the 25+ class with us as well, we were second gate. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, they watered the track right before we started! NiceÖÖNot! Luckily I had plenty of tear offís. So, first gate blasts offÖ As the 2 min board goes up for us I quick check my fuel to make sure it was on as soon as I reach for the petcock the board went sideways and the gate dropped! Guess who comes into the first turn last? Yep, the old R. We had 5 quads in the 40+ class and the oldest of us, 51, pull this amazing holeshot but somehow ends up in 4th in front of me and I am eating dirt. By this time the top 3 guys are pulling away and Iím stuck behind the mast blaster of dirt. The part the my brain was having issues with was the fact that this guy can race so his pace was perfect for me BUT Iím eating dirt and too much of it. After about 1 lap of trying to pick the right line to pass him I finally decided to not block pass him but just take his inside line away and force him to tuck in behind me. Once I got around him it was clear skies cuz the rest of the pack was long gone. I guess I need to pick up the pace. I want to say I was gaining on them but more than likely I wasnít but Iíll tell you that I was! LOL. I ended up finishing 4th and I was OK with that. I wasnít dead, didnít get lapped and nothing broke. Iíll take it!

Moto 2: Apparently the quad was overheating and Iím just finding this out now. My buddy mentioned that I was blowing out coolant for practice and the race. Hmmm maybe thereís a problem oh well! I checked the coolant and it was low so I topped it off and started the quad to see if coolant was flowing. It wasnít with the occasional blurp out the top. I think I still have a head gasket issue. No time to fix it now. With my experience from the first race I was not going to come out of the gate last no matter what. Same as before split gate and the first class is goneÖ.. Here we go! Shift into second and wait for the gate.                        Click and Iím gone! I managed to somehow force my way into second and Iím hanging with this guy. Holy shit Iím in second and keeping pace. Letís see how this goes. I stayed with him for the first lap but man on man arm pump was setting in and my legs were burning. The track had a really fast downhill section that you could gain some time but you really had to be on your toes. I thought I could use it to rest up but no way. You would come off a double, hit another double then rail this long tabletop for a long, fast right hander. It was a 4th pinned, leaning on the nerf type of turn. I loved it but no time to rest. So I was trying to use that section to stay with the leader but the guy behind me was not letting up so I couldnít find a section to relax. By lap 2 I knew I wasnít going to pass the leader so next tactic, keep second. Arms are mush, legs are shot and I know my lap times are dropping fast. I said to myselfÖself, you make sure you block any line he has and make sure he eats your roost to fend him off. Make him work for second. This worked for lap 2 and some of three. Right after the white flag I knew I could keep him at bay and pull off a second for overall. Once I cleared the tabletop at the end of the long downhill I was yelling to myselfÖĒdonít you quit on meĒ ďStay in the game FókerĒ Breathe damn it, BREATHE!!!!!! I was laughing as well cuz I know people had to hear me. Anyway it worked as he was fading and I just had to hold on a little longer. After the long downhill sweep you have to work your way back up and there is a double, a big tabletop and then another double. By the time I hit the last double my body was shot. I couldnít hold the bars and I couldnít stand up. I made the attempt to jump it but came up a tad short and I got jolted on the bike and the kill switch came off. I thought the bike blew. I pulled over and lost second place. I sat there in disgust thinking why now only to look down and see the tether just hanging. I might make something out of this race after all! Hooked it up and off I went. 4th place rider was gaining on me fast so I needed to make some space between us but I was so tired I just did what I could to make it the last few turns. As I see the last turn before the checkered flag jump the quad starts to die. Sheís overheating and not wanting to go. All I could think of was Iím going to have to do a Chad Reed move and push this thing up the jump. Luckily it ran just enough to make it over and I finished 3rd and got 3rd overall.

   It was an amazing day of racing. I loved every minute of it. All the crap with fixing the quad and spending the money it was all worth it. Iíve ridden and raced the 4 strokes and although they are powerful there is nothing like riding the R. You become one with the bike unlike a 4 stroke where it feels like the quad is going to either blow up or just bite me. All in all it was awesome and so glad to be back on the saddle. Looking forward to the next race and maybe have no mechanical issues. Iím off to fix my head gasket issue and curse the 30+ year old machine for being so damn fun!!

Engine and Bottom End / Big Bore for MX
« on: April 09, 2018, 07:37:33 PM »
I know this question has been asked a million times but how much difference in power between the 330 and 350 with similar port match from ESR. Is it worth going all out for the Big bore, say a 370 or will the smaller 330 get the job done? Whats the trade off? Is there a trade off?

Engine and Bottom End / LT50 crank rebuild??
« on: May 23, 2014, 10:04:10 AM »
The kids LT50 decided after 30 years and 8,000 laps around yards the crank bearing decided to call it quits. This seems like an easy fix with a press. Only thing I'm worried about is getting the crank trued. Any tips or advice before I attempt to take on this task?

MX / Evansville MX Ultra Cross series Round 3
« on: May 05, 2014, 09:16:51 AM »
Well boys and girls it was race weekend again as always it was a blast. I don't think any race weekend ever goes smooth as there is almost always some kind of issue that pops up. This weekendís issue...Ex-wife! This weekend we had an MDRA race on the Quad track and practice was Sat morning with the Ultra series later on in the evening on the Supercross track. Plan of attack was to hit the practice on the Quad track in the morning then race that evening in the Ultra series. Didn't go that way but was lucky enough to get some testing and riding in earlier in the week. So far Andy's hard work on the shocks has been working great. More to come on that in a bit. Very pleased with the way the engine has been performing this year as well. It's a ported cylinder by someone, cool head (19cc dome) and the Sparks MX pipe.  Sheís got to be jetted right or it just doesnít have that overrevÖit likes fuel!

After dealing with the Ex issues and making two extra trips back and forth to the track we are finally set up and ready to go. Got out for practice and the quad was running well. Great bottom end with decent overrev. Shock setting was off just a touch but no biggie. After practice made the appropriate adjustments so now time to go see what the race lineup looks like.

Gate 17!!! The Vet Quad class is always near the end. It makes for a long day but it is what it is. We got a decent turnout this week with 6 in the Vet class and one of the guys is a racer from back in the day and heís fast!! No biggie letís see what happens.

First race went well. Holeshot was as expected and got pushed to the back of the pack. After the first turn is a tabletop so as always Iím pinned and shifting gears. Once I came off the lip there is my good friend sitting right below my quadÖ.this is going to hurt. Luckily I landed right next to him. Quick battle damage check, weíre both OK off I go. Somehow those guys up front made some serious ground on me and they were moving. Iím 5th and going to make charge to the front. I had some open ground to gain some speed but I still havenít jumped the grandstand double, donít know why but Iíll blame it on age. As I round the turn at the bottom of the track I see the group has cleared the double and coming back the other wayÖ.Do these guys have turboís on those 4 strokes holy crap! So in my head Iím saying ďcome on Joe letís get the lead out and gain some ground!Ē Once again the hammerís down and we are trying to make up ground. As I come off one of the blind doubles I see the leaders slowing to a stop due to bike issues. I pass him now we are in 4th and things arenít looking so bad. Iím giving the old 250R all sheís got and now is really not the best time for something to rear its ugly headÖ. Well it does. As Iím doing my best to make that two stroke sing she lets me know that my needle setting isnít quite right. I came off the tabletop, down shift to third, power through the berm and right before the jump I click into 4th and pin the throttleÖÖ..Blah she falls on her face! WHAT!!?? Click her back into 3rd gear pin it and pray. We cleared the double fine but now I know itís not quite running like it did in practice and my shock setting is still on the soft side. I managed to make the pass to get 3rd but it was a hell of a run to make up that time and as the laps went by they just kept opening up the gap. All in all it was a fun heat race and I NEVER ran that fast before so that was an accomplishment.

After adjusting the shocks and making a needle clip position change, I was ready for the Final. I have a game plan and Iím going to do better or at least finish 3rd as the top two guys are fast BUTÖ we all know things donít always go as planned and today sure was one of them. As gate 14 was out on the track the skies opened up and it started to pour. Not crazy heavy but it was coming down and this lasted for the next two gates. It finally slowed to a steady drizzle as we were waiting at the gate and I have to say the track was everything but nice!

As Iím sitting at the gate with rain water running down my back crack Iím going through my checksÖ.fuel on, kill switch, tear offs, pegs clean, neck brace, helmet good and snugÖall check good. Now what the heck are we going to do with the slop fest before me? Iím going to play it safe as I give a thumbs up to the rest of the riders we all motion to use our heads and play it safe. Good I got a chance at possibly finishing in the top 3 for sure. Thatís the great thing about racing the R, clutch control, shifting and breaking is what we do ALL THE TIME. These guys on the 4 strokes are a bit out of practice. OK Iím pumped now, soaked but ready to go! Just at the 2 min board is about to go up the say 3 laps. Are you shitting me?! Itís a blessing and a curse but letís do this. 2 min board goes up, click into second. 1 min board is up, board goes sideways, revs are up and eyes on the gateÖÖÖÖÖÖClick! Clutch is out and let me tell you when I lifted my head the R was leading the pack out of the gate. Man is this baby hauling the mail!!! We get into the first turn and thatís when all hell broke loose. The guy to my right managed to squeeze between me at the tire to get around the turn first and roosted the living hell out of me. I jump the tabletop blind, land and got to grab the tear off. Let me stop for a second and say never, never, NEVER try something you never used before in a situation when you need it to work flawlessly. Well, I loaded up a set of those laminate tear offs prior to the race and as I grabbed that tab and pulled I had a feeling something wasnít right. Iím in second and holding my own but Iím right behind the leader and not only eating his roost but eating the roost from the front tires. I go to grab the tear offs tab and nothing is there. I canít see a thing. I tried wiping it, forget that as it made it worse and I was riding blind. I tore the goggle off and that was the beginning of the end.  I was eating so much roost from my own front tires I made myself blind as my right eye had rocks and mud in it and the left eye was just barely useable. I managed to hang on to second for the rest of the race but I have no idea how. As I rolled up to the leader he was goggle less and well as the rest of the guys. It was funny to see not a single racer with a set of goggles on and glad we all raced with our heads and didnít pull some stupid crap to gain a spot.

All in all it was great day of racing even with all the issues that pop up. Everyone came home safe, a little muddy and partially blind but a great day none the less.

MX / Evansville MX Ultra series Round 1 report
« on: April 07, 2014, 09:57:02 AM »
I'll have to fill you all in later but for a first race, we represented the R community well. Managed a 1 - 2 finish for the day with some exciting bar to bar racing. No broken bones and machine is still in one piece and thanks to Andy's fine craftsmanship at Maul Tech ATV, it saved my Butt on two occasions in both motos. Once again when I get a chance I'll fill you in on a full report.

MX / First Practice and Feedback on Maul Tech ATV Suspension work
« on: April 03, 2014, 08:28:10 AM »
Yesterday was our first Quad practice of the season and I was mentally ready to fly like Dana Creech in Huevos body told me differently!

As far as practice went...really well. Track layout had some bigger doubles, two triples, a 5' drop off jump and two rythm sections. Ground was super tacky and the R was loving it. Cleared some jumps I normaly wouldn't try this early, or ever and didn't get as tired as I normally do. As far as the engine, it's a basket case of a setup on all used stuff and it was a little monster for what it was. Its a ported cylinder I purchased a few years ago and mated up with the sparks MX pipe, 38mm air stryker... it's a nice combination. Hits good and just keeps pulling.

Ok now the good stuff....SUSPENSION!!! I'm currently running Axis all around. Dual spring up front on standard travel +3 Burgard arms. Rear is a seingle spring with 86 linkage and a laeger -1 (88-89 length) swingarm. I had the suspension set up a few years ago by a known shop and they worked OK. I gave them the same measurements I gave Andy so it wasn't like they were shooting into the dark but they were just not as "in tune" with suspension as Andy is. After having a some issues with the suspension, bottoming anf just not performing for a top brand shock I decided I needed to so something. After reading about Andy at Maul tech and watching his videos I decided to contact him and see what he could do for me. It didnt take long to decide that this is where I was going to send my shocks to get serviced. You know when you talk to someone and you know this person UNDERSTANDS how suspension works and what needs to be addressed to fix a problem. So, I boxed up the shocks and out to Maul tech they went!

I wanted to have the PRS valve installed to solve a bottoming issue I was having but due to the desgin of the R, there just isn't enough room to make it work. I got the shocks back and when you open the box and see shock dyno print outs and a complete list of what was done, changed and notes regarding the build, its like holding a winning lottery ticket! Shocks looked amazing and it didn't take long to throw them on and dial the quad in. I didn't touch the rear shock preload but did adjust the rebound to speed it up. The front shocks I just made a small adjustent to ride height and that was it. No other changes were made.

First time on the track I was a little worried that I was going to get the same exact feeling from the previous builder and once I landed from that 5' drop off I knew right away these were not the same shocks as last year. The landing was plush, no jaring and no pogo stick effect. With this added confidence I just got faster and faster, jumping things I shouldn't and even tried a small triple. I came up a tad short but never even felt it. I did manage to stuff the landing on a double that I hit pretty hard and I only felt a slight jar but was expecting WAY more. I was the fastes quad through the rythem sections and I loved it! I may not jump stuff but i'll walk the dog though the ugly stuff!!!

All in all I left the track sore but a smile from ear to ear. Andy at maul Tech did an Amazing job on my shocks and so glad I made the decision to get them done by him. Money very well spent with great customer service. Follow his advice on measurements and setup and you'll will be one happy customer. Andy if you read this....... THANK YOU!!! Now lets go win some races!

MX / 86 front spindle upgrade?
« on: April 01, 2014, 08:02:21 AM »
Well, It's about time I upgrade the front spindles on the old 86. The one caliper is starting to hang up on me again and think it's time to end their racing career. I was thinking of getting the 04-05 450R complete setup or would it be better to just find a good set of 88-89 front spindles, hibs and calipers?

Suspension and Chassis / Antifade. Will a 400EX or 450R one work?
« on: March 18, 2014, 07:24:16 AM »
I found an antifade from a 400ex and I was wondering if this will work on the R? How about a 450R Antifade? I know you can use a 400ex axle in the R so i figured this may work as well.


Meet Steve to pick up a frame and ended up leaving with more than I intended on getting!! Very knowledgable and great asset to the 250R community. Looking forward to doing business with Steve again.

I purchased that crazy seal the TRL use to sell but once he sold the site to Tony I haven't seen it since. So what can I get to seal the exhaust flange?

Engine and Bottom End / ESR 310PV cyliinder...need input
« on: February 20, 2014, 12:43:46 PM »
Before I pull the trigger on this any input? It looks like an early casting that I heard possibly had issues.

MX / Smoking section is now open!
« on: February 05, 2014, 08:17:43 AM »
Any one in the PA, MD, NJ, VA area interested in meeting up at Breezewood Proving Grounds for an all smokers class? Probably going to only be 250R's and quadracers but banshees and tecates are invited as well. Dan Harris, the owner, said if we get 8-10 of us to show up he'll set up a class just for us. Doesn't matter how good of a racer you are we are there to meet up and have fun. If interested please post and we'll see if we can get a date in the books.

Lounge / Opening a small ATV/Bike and advise needed.
« on: January 22, 2014, 08:53:34 AM »
The title should say REPAIR business....I want to open a shop. I've been doing this on the side for a while and would like to go legit. For those of you that do this or have some insight can you help me out? Not sure of the proper steps so i'm all legal. Also, what all is needed to become a dealer for say Tucker Rocky or any of the other part places? I know they want a store front but i'm doing this out of my garage for now and I just want to be able to get the parts directly instead of going through the local shop. Like I said I'll take any advise you guys have.


I think there is a hybrid out there that uses a YZ426 engine and 250r components. Looking for a roller or just a frame that I can bolt my R stuff on the hybrid frame. Anyone got any inside tips where one might be located?

Engine and Bottom End / 310 gasket kit
« on: November 24, 2013, 09:16:17 AM »
Do they make a 310 gasket kit that uses a headgasket? I picked up a stock cylinder that was re sleeved for a 310 and it had a fireball racing cool head. The head is a gasket type and the stock gaskets are to small. Any ideas? Also, it came with an 88 piston so I either have to get a long rod crank or an 85-86 piston. Is the long rod worth installing?

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